Friday, March 20, 2009

Anger at education cuts

In a recent statement issued by Clondalkin Sinn Féin Councillor Shane O Connor and North Clondalkin election candidate Matthew McDonagh said they fully support the three teacher unions I.N.T.O., T.U.I., and the A.S.T.I. in their efforts to reverse the savage cuts that wil effect the education of every student in our community & in particular those with special needs. They call on Minister for Education Batt O Keefe to reverse the swinging cuts which his government has introduced. In particular cuts to teacher salaries, school funding, pupil teacher ratio, special needs/resource teachers, school transport, grants for adult and further education, book rental scheme, library grants, and school building funds. In adition they call on the minister to immediately provide funding for a new school building for Gael Scoil na Camóige in Clondalkin. They fully endorse Sinn Féins policy on eduaction which is outlined below
Equality of opportunity, access and provision is a basic entitlement.The ability for learners to achieve their full potential by having access to the levels of curriculum, institutions and type of teaching and learning best suited to deliver such success is a fundamental right. Individuals should be able to do so at any age and stage of their lives.Such provision calls for adequate and sustained investment in our richest resource - our people. Such provision necessitates clear, key objectives.
Key ObjectivesSinn Féin will support and work for an education system that will:
liberate and facilitate the potential of all; address and redress educational and generational disadvantage; deploy resources to promote access to education by disadvantaged and marginalised groups; effect meaningful partnership in a democratic education service; put learners and teachers at the heart of neighbourhood networks of learning; create and translate into action ˆnational priorities,national perspectives and national provision; promote school achievement through quality of delivery and resources rather than narrow measurement of performance; intervene at the earliest possible stages to include people and groups hitherto excluded from, or disempowered and alienated by,the operation of the present systems north and south.
These Key Objectives, and the broad principles that underlie them,must govern priorities,strategies and structures in education. They can only be achieved through a significant and sustained investment in education.The Irish languageSinn Féin will support and work for increased availability and better resourcing of Irish-medium education and for significantly strengthened recognition of the essential place of the Irish language in an Irish education system.

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